Our worship is carried out within the context of giving acknowledgment and recognition to the place and importance of God in the universe and our lives. An action that is born out of a clear understanding and appreciation of our place, role, and function in the universe. We relate to God through two significant events, through the event of creation and redemption. As part of creation, we participate in the category of ‘creatures,’ and as part of redemption we participate in the category of ‘the redeemed.’ Consequently, as creatures and redeemed, we believe we need to relate to God and the rest of creation appropriately, a fact our role as stewards amplifies. It is this truth that serves as the basis of our worship.

Within the context of worship, we provide a relax and informal environment, an approach duly informed by our notion of acceptance and comfortability. It is our shared belief that corporate worship provides a unique opportunity for engagement among our members and attendees around the same worship table creating beautiful worship celebration experience. Our worship provides a biblically sound, Christ-centered and spirit-filled worship opportunities that enable an encounter between God and His people.

We consider ourselves to be a family of worshipers that welcomes all, regardless of race, religion, nationality, and social status. We consider it as our mandate to provide a safe environment where people are free to pursue and explore questions regarding God and faith and the unique life Christ calls us to embrace and live. We provide a congenial environment and place where past errors are put to rest, where dead dreams and aspirations come alive, where hope is born and where new life in Christ begins.