Who we are

The Adventist English group in Canton Vaud is part of a Christ-centered, diverse worldwide religious community dedicated to serving God, sharing the Gospel, and helping others. We are English Seventh-day Adventist group in the Lausanne area and like to think that being a Seventh-day Adventist is a lifestyle, not just a belief. With the Bible as the basis for our beliefs, we’re committed to growing together as a worshiping community, filled with the joy of knowing Jesus. We’re also a teaching community, where people can study and learn from the Bible and gain a closer walk with Him – and a healing community supporting each other in facing life’s challenges. We provide many opportunities for our members to become involved in church ministries as well as outreach to meet the needs of the Swiss community.

We are dedicated to being:

A worshiping congregation filled with the joy of knowing God.
A healing community that joins together to comfort and overcome brokenness.
An equipping center for training every member in ministry.
A deployment agency for sending people into each day with power.

Vision Statement

We are a community centered, dynamic, and all-engaging Adventist English group in the Canton Vaud. The group provides a congenial atmosphere necessary for discussing Biblical subjects, and also offering programs designed to foster the development of the spiritual, physical, intellectual and social dimensions of its members.

Mission Statement

We creatively use the talents and skills at our disposal to create a friendlier and welcoming English church community for the expats and all English speakers in the Canton Vaud area who otherwise will not be able to visit French churches because of the language barrier. And we firmly believe that everyone has at least one talent, which makes everyone important when it comes to serving others. Part of our mission is to help people realize their talents, skills, and interests, and to create opportunities for them to use their talents uniquely to benefit other people. Therefore, we strive to empower each member to be a leader in a specific aspect of the group that best matches his or her interests and talents.

Our Goal

Our goal includes the provision of community, to enhance the development of a holistic lifestyle and to actualize all hands on deck strategy.