We believe that we are called to be partners with God in the task of spreading the good news of salvation that fundamentally seeks to transform and restore human beings into His image. We understand this call implies a duty to make disciples who will relate to God, humanity and the rest of creation appropriately. We acknowledge that our task is imperative, an action that is in tandem with the charge given in Matthew 28:19-20 by our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we see it as our mandate to reach out to all regardless of race, social status, nationality, lifestyle and religious affiliation. To be more specific, we seek out for the spiritually hurt, the doubters, the free-thinkers, those who’ve all but given up on the Christian faith, and those who’ve never been exposed to faith in the first place. All who are experiencing a spiritual vacuum in their life and seeking for an authentic place where such a void can be filled up are welcome to our group. We are primarily mission-driven, human-centered, and community-oriented group. Our ever welcoming arms are open to welcome all, and we encourage all to get active in our community.