As social beings, we believe we are inherently wired by God to aspire for communal life. Our sincere desire to be with friends and family and to be engaged in communal activities underscores this aspiration for communal life. Consequently, it is our utmost belief that the spiritual journey as designed by God also takes this communal dimension of human relationships very seriously. Therefore, we encourage authentic interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship and friendship at all levels from the planning of our programs to their execution. Our programs in effect are viewed as outreach and as an opportunity to build community. We believe the spiritual journey need to be experienced alongside others in practical terms. Accordingly, we try to build time after worship for informal and meaningful conversation around the lunch table, a place where no one is left alone. We encourage our members to invite family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances to every aspect of our program, being its worship service, social activity, and social service. As a community centered group, we always seek different authentic ways to make each attendee feel a part of our community.