Beach Volleyball: In Action

Two main reasons led the English-speaking group of the Adventist Church in Renens to organize once more a social event. On the one hand, it is our objective to establish contact with people from the region, no matter what their believes are, in order to set a base to eventually gain trust and shine into their lives with God’s light and love. On the other hand, we would like to create opportunities for believers to get better acquainted and to be more familiar with one another.

Within this context, about 25 people from different backgrounds and of different ages gathered on Sunday, the 24th of June to enjoy doing sport on a beautiful warm summer day. Most of them played beach volleyball at the beach volleyball pitches of Vidy in Lausanne next to the lake of Geneva. The teams were so much absorbed in the game that they only stopped to have lunch after a couple of hours. A few opted for a nice table tennis match just a couple of hundred metres from the volleyball heroes. And last, but not least, a pair of badminton rackets was deployed too.

Around 1 pm, the fire was lit on the grill and the sporty group could regain strength around a shared barbecue/picnic at the lakeside.

People had found out about the event in different ways: through the announcement at the Adventist Church in Renens, on glocals, through social media (for instance, Facebook event) and by personal invitations.

We spent a beautiful, blessed and active day. Thank you, Lord!