Before the Intyamon walk

Nature presents sceneries that captivate the eyes and provides an opportunity for more profound reflection on creation and the masterful ingenuity behind it. Such reflections often lead to a more precise understanding and appreciation of our place, role, and function in the universe. Therefore, to provide the opportunity for such profound reflections, the Adventist English group of Canton Vaud organized an outing into nature on the June 2nd 2018 in the Vallée de L’Intyamon which is situated between Bulle and Château d’Oex.

The itinerary path we took is popularly known as the Lords of the Middle Ages, a path that allowed us the opportunity to discover several landscapes and different historic sites such as the historic bridge on the Lake of Montbovon. Discovering a variety of flowers, mountains and landscapes under the sun and the summer heat because of the southern orientation was the favorite part of many. The walk was children-friendly and took approximately 4 hours to complete. The walk afforded the opportunity to have a profound interaction between ourselves and the visitors who came onboard.

In total, we had 18 persons participating in the event. We were privileged to have a professional tour guide in the person of Denis Desvoignes, making the whole event to be one that was adventurous and a memorable one. Glory be to God.