Monumentally, one of the historical events that provide insight into Christian self-understanding within the framework of its eschatological hope and assurance of salvation find expression in the death and resurrection of Christ. The historical significance of this phenomenal event is underpinned by it becoming a chief determinant in the historical cycle of world history from BC to the AD. Therefore to commemorate this historical feat, we the Adventist English Group of Canton Vaud in collaboration with Ephphatha staged a concert dabbed Easter musical concert. The event opened with a brief historical overview of the Christian understanding of Christ resurrection and the central place it occupies within the overall aspirations and hope of Christians.

The sensational Ephphatha group followed with a musical rendition in various languages such as French, English, Portuguese and Lingala to the admiration of all who were present. Next to this was song ministration from our miniature children’s choir represented by Selina and Sara. Finally, a dramatic story involving twelve plastic eggs that contained symbols that traced the glorious story of Jesus resurrection and biblical stories explaining the significance of each of the symbols was staged.

The program was blessed with the presence of many visitors, and in all a total of 45 persons were present. The community and socializing dimension were not left out as we shared snacks around a common table at the end of the program. In the end, participants expressed their joy and satisfaction. Thus, we can emphatically say thank you to God.