Ready for sledging

Since a sane mind and healthy living is necessary for godliness, we, the Adventist English Group-Vaud decided to embark upon a sporting activity popularly known as ‘la luge’ in French and ‘Sledging’ in English. The goal was to promote physical fitness and community among our members and also to provide an open door for new people to be introduced to the group. Consequently on 4 February 2018, we travelled to Château-d’Oex in Canton Vaud for this activity. The Sledging activity was fun and adventurous as the sledging lane was composed of deep and shallow slope. The expression on the faces of the participant was total excitement and satisfaction. We had other participants who decided to go for hiking instead of Sledging. After the Sledging and hiking activities, we spent some beautiful moment in a restaurant own by an Adventist in the region known as McCarthy. He offered us free pizza as a sign of his generosity, an action that has established a stronger bond between the group and the McCarthy’s family. A bond that will see them visit the group from time to time when time allows. Participants included members of the Adventist English Group and Renens church. In the end, all participants expressed their joy and excitement for participating in the program.